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Incredible Safari Tours and Lifetime Memories

Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations has more than 20 years experience in the African Travel & Safari industry. All the Kruger National Park Tours are crafted based on a client's needs and in a way that you will have no reason to regret it. Just pack your things and start your dream holiday now. Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations has the best African travel & safari experts who are ready to make your holidays unforgettable. They will make sure that you get the best deal and experience according to your personal requirements and desires. Just contact this team and book your tour beforehand.


Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations proudly offers you a free reservation service to all lodges in the Sabi Sands game reserve & Kruger National Park. If you want to experience big five safaris with accommodation options then you need to choose Sabi Sands Game Reserve. It is Africa's most sought place that caters to all type of travelers. Sabi Sands Game Reserve is known for incredible wildlife sightings including Africa's "Big Five" - Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino & Cape Buffalo. This game reserve is situated in the southwestern corner of the world-famous Kruger National Park and it has become one of the most popular and lovely places for all travelers. It is very easy to get to Sabi Sands. When you take daily scheduled flight you will reach your destination easily and without any hassle.


Sabi Sabi Game Reserve offers you a luxury South African safari experience. It combines unrivaled Big Five game viewing and the best safari lodges in South Africa. You can also enjoy a private superior luxury lodging, amazing cuisine, exceptional service and hospitality. This is an incredible safari experience that will remain in your memories forever. You will be amazed at the sightings and stories told by the rangers and trackers at Sabi Sabi. It doesn't matter you have come to Sabi Sabi for a birding or big five safari experience, you will enjoy your time here. Big Cats and high predator activities in the area will guarantee you the perfect safari experience at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. Now you can enjoy the special offer with 3 nights / 4 days fly-in safari at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. You can choose from 4lodges and get your flight at no cost to you. This fly in safari includes a three-night accommodation at one of the Sabi Sabi lodges and one way or return flight on the air shuttle service of Federal Airlines from Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport. So what are you waiting for? Take this chance and enjoy all these awesome offers at an incredibly discounted price.


With Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations, you can enjoy Kruger National Park Tours and explore the wildlife. It is so impressive that you will never forget it. The wildlife diversity will make you feel adored and stunned. Just take Kruger National Park Tours and enjoy your adventure escaping into the wilderness of Africa! Believe it, you would like to repeat this time spent in Kruger national park.

The Best Safari Tours by Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations

Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations offers amazing Africa Safari packages tailored to your needs and desires. You can enjoy your safari tour with your friends and family led by an experienced guide. This is a perfect chance to experience the wildlife, culture and landscapes of South Africa, so don't miss out! The aim of this company is to offer its guests the best possible safari experience. With Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations, you can find the most suitable package that meets your requirements as well as the budget. Customer satisfaction is on top for this company and that is why this team strives to find the best available safari accommodation based on your budget and individual desires.  Experience Africa's Big Five and get the best lodges to have an unforgettable wildlife experience.


Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations has more than 25 years of experience in the African Travel & Safari industry. You will always enjoy an exceptional service at a fair price. Lion Sands Game Reserve is the only private reserve to have a foot in both the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and Kruger National Park. The Sabi Sand Reserve is considered to be the oldest of South Africa’s private reserves, the home of a vast natural animal population including The Big Five and countless other species. You cannot find a better place than this Lion Sands Game Reserve. It is because it gives you a great chance to meet the wildlife and enjoy it. The close-contact animal sightings are the best in the world, so never hesitate to admire and feel this extraordinary and unique wilderness. Note that safaris are not restricted to specific times and routes as they are privately owned. Open vehicles are able to traverse off road and into the dense bush, tracking animals in their natural habitat. 


You can also take Savanna Private Lodge which is an exclusive 5-star lodge situated in the internationally famous Sabi Sand Reserve within the greater Kruger National Park conservancy. Here, it is not strange or unusual to see lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. This means that Africa's "Big Five" is at your disposal anytime. Numerous nearby dams and a series of waterholes in front of the lodge attract many species, especially in the dry winter months when elephants are daily visitors. Savanna Private Lodge is also perfect for children so when you book the Savanna Suite you can be sure that children of all ages are welcome. Just send the enquire form now and get a personalize solution.


Ulusaba Game Reserve is situated in the world renowned Sabi Sands game reserve within the greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. The name Ulusaba means ‘place of little fear’. Ulusaba has 21 rooms and suites spread over two lodges: Rock Lodge, including the beautiful Cliff Lodge, and Safari Lodge. There are two daily game drives at Ulusaba game reserve and each of them lasts almost three hours. One leaves early in the morning and one leaves late afternoon. The dedicated Ranger and Tracker who will tailor your game drive based on your special needs. Ulusaba Game Reserve is an unforgettable experience and you will also have a chance to enjoy the 'Big 5'. So contact Sabi Sands Lodges Reservations now and plan your safari adventure.